Sacred Sound Meditation Journey

We invite to experience the art of Sacred Sound Meditation and the musical artistry of world musician, Nathan Dyke.  Sound Meditation is the practice of deepening meditation with the use of sound and music.  We ask participants sit comfortable or lie down in savasana (a relaxation pose), close their eyes and focus on the breath as wave after wave of sound washes over them.

As we relax into this journey of ancient sounds, you will begin to experience a deep feeling of peace that is calming, balancing and grounding. The harmonic experience of the didgeridoo, native flutes, vocal chanting and percussion will bring deep relaxation, harmony to the body and a hypnotic state of meditation.  Diving deep into a dreamless state of mental imagery, connecting you to ancient recollections of another time.

Nathan Dyke is a multi instrumentalist and artist with over 20 years of involvement in world music and applied vibrational healing.  He travels facilitating workshops, concerts and Harmonic Healing.  With a deep passion for sharing indigenous and intentional music, he incorporates the sounds and frequencies of many of the worlds ancient instruments.

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