Sacred Dance

Sacred Music and Movement

Astarte Tzighan and Nathan Dyke

Join us for an interactive evening of flow, weaving sound and dance with the fusion of Sacred Music and Movement. As we journey into the deep connections of our body and soul, we awaken our vital energy systems with vibration and the cosmic dance.

In this workshop we will explore the healing arts of sacred music and movement. We will tap into the energy of the universe and channel this energy, using musical vibrations along with ancient dance techniques. We will begin with a grounding meditation and then work through each of the seven chakras, awakening our Kundalini. This transformational journey of sacred sound and dance will leave you feeling inspired, centered, energized and in touch with the divine spirit and passion within. Featuring live music by world musician Nathan Dyke.

No experience necessary, come with an open mind to open your heart.
Astarte Tzighan and Nathan Dyke will be leading this amazing experience.

Astarte Tzighan is a multi cultural dancer. As her knowledge of different
dance styles grew, she began to see a correlation between the dance
and the lost spiritual practices of these cultures. She started to
offer classes and workshops in Sacred Dance, a way to bring dance as a
spiritual practice back to modern society that has forgotten how to
honor the sacred feminine.

Nathan Dyke is a multi instrumentalist and artist with over 20 years of involvement in world music and applied vibrational healing.  He travels facilitating workshops, concerts and Harmonic Healing.  With a deep passion for sharing indigenous and intentional music, he incorporates the sounds and frequencies of many of the worlds ancient instruments.

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