Baby & Me Dance

Baby and Me dance circle is designed to help women strengthen their bodies and be in balance throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period. Giving you movements that will relax and assist in labor, be comforting to the baby and encouraging the bonding process.

Did you know that Belly Dancing was actually started for women in pregnancy and labor
Centuries ago? Women from Egypt, Morocco, Hawaii, New Zealand, India and many other countries have been doing circle-dances or belly dancing as a dance of fertility since the dawn of human civilisation. Indigenous forms of these dances all include figure-eights, hip rolls and circular hip movements that have been practiced for hundreds of years and linked to child birth rituals.

As a new or expectant mother, you may have wondered about the positive effects that
movement can have in pregnancy, during labor, and after birth in the postpartum period. Experts consider hip rolls and circles to be good for strengthening the pelvic and abdominal muscles, which are involved in childbirth and postpartum recovery, while relaxing them at the same time.

Benefits During Pregnancy & Postpartum:
Some doctors encourage the practice of dance during pregnancy, which they think provides the following benefits:
● Strengthening pelvic and deep abdominal muscles and all those muscles specifically
used for giving birth, thus facilitating the process of delivering and of recovery.
● Relaxing the body and relieving stress.
● Improving self esteem and positive body-image.
● Promote good posture.
● Help maintain general fitness.
● Help maintain a good sense of balance and coordination.
● Relieve back ache.
● Promote socialisation and meet other expectant Moms

Precautions and General Guidelines:
● Please note that shimmies can stimulate your baby, so it’s best to avoid them until you’re near your due date. Belly dancing for pregnancy isn’t recommended if you have
pregnancy complications such as Gestational Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia, Placenta Previa
or a history of premature labor.
● Always avoid the very sharp sudden movements, keep with the slow ones. Choose the
music carefully as there are both fast and slow rhythms for bellydance.
● Avoid back bends, sharp hip twists, jumps and soften your hip drops, hip lifts & flicks
during belly dancing for pregnancy.
● Keep well hydrated, drink plenty of water…it’s vigorous exercise.
● Have a small healthy snack an hour or two before dancing.
● If you feel dizzy or faint stop and sit down.
● Always seek your doctor’s advice before starting any exercise program.

***All women are welcome to attend (you do not have to have a baby on board).
This class will be directed towards NEW and EXPECTING mothers. New mothers must be able to wear baby while dancing.