Healing Henna


Henna is a plant with transformative and healing powers. It’s alive, it’s a plant medicine and it has a life cycle through our experience with it. As is our intention for healing and the cycles we grow through.

When henna is applied to the skin it starts the process as it soaks deep into the layers of our skin. We remove the past to find its bright beautiful gift and watch as it matures and transforms into its deep radiant reds. This last for a few weeks of being present with this new part of you and then it starts to fade. A reminder that all things are ever changing.

Receiving Mehndi encourages you to be still and to meditate with your intentions.  As a spiritual healing modality through positive intentions, true love and compassion, your healing is possible.

This process is healing. This is how we heal. An intention, presence and letting go. This is magic I fell in love with when I found this art form. Now diving deeper into its magic and its medicinal properties. It is an art of herbal medicine and it stays with you to help navigate the work that needs to be done.

This is intentional self love 💛🌱💛

Most People in the West know of Henna because it is often used here to color hair and adorn the skin. But in India and North Africa henna is of ancient repute for its medicinal properties and has long served many other functions. As a cosmetic, henna conditions and revitalizes hair and skin and is often used to dye hair. It is said to kill lice and to prevent hair loss. Used as an antiseptic and as an astringent, it is often applied to bruises and sprains, as well as boils, burns and open wounds. It is used to treat ringworm and headaches, sweaty hands, burning feet and athlete’s foot. Because of the cooling effects it has on the skin, a ball of henna paste is placed in the hand of a fevered child in order to bring the temperature down.  An extract derived from putting henna leaves in boiling water is used as a gargle to heal a sore throat and taken internally to act as a tonic and to relieve stomach pains. The bark of the henna plant is used to treat jaundice, enlargement of the spleen and various skin diseases.

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