Herbal Clinic

Herbal Consultations & Formulation

Herbalism is the art and science of skillfully collecting, preparing, and utilizing herbs to support the body towards wellness. I have been working in the herbal clinic now for 4yrs making custom formulas for my clients.  I have to say that every time I make an herbal formula, I continuously question my choices. Going back… Continue reading Herbal Consultations & Formulation

Gypsy Kitchen

Putting the Fire in the Cider

My passions is making medicine. Not medicine like one would think but herbal medicine, food medicine. For thousands of years our food has been our medicine and the time has come to move back to our roots and the way of our ancestors. What was lost through out the past decades of mass industry, commercial… Continue reading Putting the Fire in the Cider

The Gypsy Life

Gypsy Jars

Introducing the NEW Gypsy Jars!  The newest addition to the GypsyMoon Bazaar. I have to admit my struggles with how to package the healing Gypsy Balms we are creating was mind numbing. As a gypsy or just a mindful earthling, it was not in the best intrest to buy bulk jars, just to add to… Continue reading Gypsy Jars