GypsyMoon Mehndi & Herbal Apothecary brings you Professional Henna Art and Herbal Wellness. We travel in state and up the East Coast providing quality henna and herbal products from large Music festivals to Renaissance festivals to small intentional gatherings and private parties.

The Art of Henna & Herbal Wellness is healing to the body and spirit. We like to share these ancient art forms in a deeper way through meditation and intention.

Our Herbal Products are hand made, with love, in small batches with certified organic or ethically wild crafted herbs and designed with an energetically balanced formula.

Our Henna Art can range from Professional Bridal designs to Baby Bellies and Head adornments. We also apply henna to Drums and Candles for a more permanent keepsake.

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67224818_338414780425766_1922513492963753984_nAstarte and Sumayah began their creative partnership in 2008, when they started performing together in the Tampa dance troupe, Tzighan Tribe. They quickly discovered their shared passion for all things Gypsy. Their love of the dance, combined with their artistic talents, inspired them to create GypsyMoon Mehndi. They now travel to different events creating a magical space that offers Healing Henna, Sacred Dance, Herbal Wellness, Thai massage and so much more.

Meet our Artist

Sumayah Lea

32205806_10204123137354842_303167885860143104_n (1)Sumayah Lea has been studying the art of Henna and Herbal Medicine for over a decade. In her studies of Dance and Herbalism she found the art of henna. As a studied Artist with a Bachelors in Fine Arts she was excited that she could combine her love of art and plants into one, to share with her community.  She has traveled across the US and Central America sharing henna in markets, festivals and with random strangers gifting the joy she finds in this beautiful plant.

Sumayah had been studying various world dances when she was introduced to Mehndi art and simultaneously, while hired for a henna party, was introduced to the ancient art of Thai massage. All of which, she grew a deep passion for. She quickly found that dance and movement to be the embodiment of the souls language.  Each modality leading itself into a web of healing with art, movement and plant medicine.

Coming full circle, while in Florida, she found herself aligned to enroll in a clinical herbal program at Traditions Herbal School. This has allowed her to establish herself deeper into herbal medicine in a way she can share with her community.

Astarte Tzighan

64325657_2308491436146608_6801141066096443392_nAstarte Moondancer began dancing as a four year old taking ballet classes and continued ballet and jazz into her teenage years. At the age of 18, she found her spiritual path when she attended her first Pagan Festival and Rainbow Gathering. It was there that she first experienced the magic of dancing around a fire to the beat of the drums. She began taking belly dance classes and participated in her first belly dance performances. She found a teacher and a style that was suited to her tastes, and joined a local Folkloric dance troupe. She studied and performed Middle Eastern dances from a variety of different cultures, from Egyptian, Persian, and Turkish to Romani Gypsy and Flamenco.

As her knowledge of different dance styles grew, she began to see a correlation between the dance and the lost spiritual practices of these cultures. After completing her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies, with a focus on Woman’s Studies, she began to research the connections between music, dance and ancient spirituality. She started to offer classes and workshops in Sacred Dance, a way to bring dance as a spiritual practice back to modern society that has forgotten how to honor the sacred feminine. As a Priestess of the Goddess, Astarte now holds Red Tents and Woman’s Moon circles, and creates performance art pieces in celebration of the Divine Feminine.