Herbal Clinic

Herbal Consultations & Formulation

Herbalism is the art and science of skillfully collecting, preparing, and utilizing herbs to support the body towards wellness. I have been working in the herbal clinic now for 4yrs making custom formulas for my clients.  I have to say that every time I make an herbal formula, I continuously question my choices. Going back and forth. Researching each herb, its energetic and constituents, diligently working towards a balanced formula.

One of the biggest aspects of herbal healing is compliance. The herbs just don’t work if you don’t take them and sometimes the medicine is just plan nasty.

Herbal formulation has really taken a hold of my mindset on how herbs should be used in the medicine making process. It is so important to understand the dynamic of how herbs work together energetically and with the bodies constitution. Its easy to say, take this herb for that problem and that herb for this problem. Then you’ll find yourself stumped as to why it didn’t work at all or made the problem worse.

Herbs are energetically hot, cold, wet, dry, etc.. They react differently with each persons constitution of those same aspects. So, if you’r already a hot and angry or a readily agitated person and you take a hot stimulating herb. Its only going to make things worse and you just might blow your top. But with formulations we can combine herbs that are cooling and calming to your system and will allow for that energetic balancing to take affect.

Herbal formulas are often just one aspect of a well-rounded wellness plan; healthy food choices, exercise, sleep, and meditation are other important pieces of the puzzle that will maximize the effectiveness of any formula recommend. External applications are considered, too: herbal and mineral baths (including hand and foot baths), massage, and external aromatherapy are other great supportive healing modalities as well.

All these aspects being taken into consideration is why having a Herbal Consultation with a Clinical herbalist is SO important. The goal is to look at the whole picture of health and wellbeing vs just targeting a symptom of the problem. During  your first visit, we gather information about your past health history, review lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, discuss your health concerns, and have an opportunity to discuss goals for your future health. Possibly the greatest benefit from an herbal consultation is that you will receive a wellness plan and a blend of herbs specifically formulated for you.

An experienced clinical herbalist can help make sure the herbs used are appropriate for you and your needs. The self-care nature of herbalism empowers you to care for yourself and better understand and care for your body.

If herbalism is new to you, please reach out and ask questions. I am here to bring transparency and understanding. And if your ready to take charge of your health you can book an appointment now.