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I’ve Come Full Circle!

The world of herbalism has been a great adventure in my life for many years. I have been studying the art of Herbal Medicine for well over a decade now. It started as most usually do, in my kitchen. Learning just basic needs of healing self but more so with food. I took a leap of holistic healing as I dove deep down the rabbit whole that is our food & medical industries. (that’s another blog rant)

I remember being in my early 20’s in art school and we started talking about hormones and antibiotics in our beef.  I was mortified. So many emotions. I felt lied to, betrayed and down right PISSED!  That was the beginning of the end.  Now, this was before social media and the internet was just getting a handle on information.  (feeling a little dated) But this was the moment that I started to dive. With every emotion bubbling up with anger and betrayal. I realized that it opened a door to a new path of my life. I started to understand that all the things I needed to heal was in my food. WOW!  I felt like I lived under a rock. Why did I not know this.. Why was I just finding out this information now?  Well, all good things in all good time. It was my wake up.

As the years went on, I found my studies taking different avenues or adventures.  I dove into the study of world dance and through that found Henna, an art form made from plants!! How divine is that! Now able to mix my love of plants with my love of art like a match made in heaven. This partnership of art and plant took a strong hold in my life and I’ve never looked back.

My journey learning Thai massage was a profound and life changing experience. This was the moment when I shut the doors of my past and stood fully in the present.  It introduced me to a way of life, to sit in silence and be fully present in each moment as it was. Thai Massage was rooted in Ayurvedic medicine and learning to map the body with the meridians and marma points. It was a intricate dance using pressure points and yoga postures to move the energy through the body.  The simple act of giving was a meditation that reciprocated back to self as the movement allowed for such a beautiful flow of energy between practitioner and client.  I found my meditation and prayer through movement and dance. And again the stars aligned and gifted me this lineage.

As I did this work, I saw the patterns immediately, all these modalities were falling into my lap and all were for healing the body, mind and spirit. Not only for other but for myself. So, with honor and respect, I continued forward and surrender to the path laid before me.  By giving, I was receiving, holding space with love and gratitude.

As the years went on, I started to travel and extending my community up the east coast, out to the west coast and down into Central America.  I found my journey aligned with every step I took and every mile I drove. Sharing my art and healing modalities in all aspect, from the streets to the mountains, ocean to ocean.  It has been one wild ride!

Of course, I came full circle in all my studies and found myself aligned to take an herbal program that would dive even deeper into herbalism and clinical work.  This has opened doors and connected all the dots to work with clients on a deeper level of their health and well being. It has given me a scope of practice that can be applied and truly help people get to the root of the problem.

Where most of my experience has been in harm reductions, First aid street medic and trauma situations. It is now crossing over to one on one in-depth wellness care.  Allowing for an opportunity to support clients through out the process of their healing journey.

I am honored to have taken this round about path way, as it has taught me so much and given me so many tools to work with. Each of them have found their way into my path with reverence and service to spirit.  I have been guided to do this work for many years and now I feel it is time to share it with my community in a bigger way.

I am looking forward to what the future holds with arms wide open. As all doors close, I find myself in the middle, that all the doors have lead me to this moment. I am a student for life and I stand in service to spirit. All the adventures of my past 20yrs+ have landed me right here in this moment. Somethings have faded while others have stayed and kept a strong grasp on what it is to be in this life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Now, I have a beautiful daughter to share and teach all the gifts that have been passed down to me.  And to all the beautiful people I have had the honor to cross, learn, dance and love with,  Thank you! You all are the reason I show up everyday.

Love & Gratitude,





1 thought on “I’ve Come Full Circle!”

  1. Beautiful friend, it has been an honor to witness and walk with you on some of your many paths, for some of these many years. I see you and am amazed at some of the changes you’ve manifested and the growth you have created. 💗🌺💗


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