A message from the moon

I Finally did it!

3 1/2 yrs ago I enrolled in a clinical western herbalist program at Traditions School of Herbal Studies and today marks the completion of this program. Obviously not the end of my herbal journey but a mild stone on this path, opening up to the next level of this adventure. I am humbled with gratitude for my teachers Renee Crozier, RH(AHG) & Dr. Bob Linde, AP, DOM, RH(AHG) for this epic experience and opportunity to learn this ancient lineage of herbal medicine.

I have had privilege of studying with many herbalist over the years but nothing compares to the wealth of knowledge these two humans have gifted me over this time. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies and deepening my knowledge in these lineages and moving forward in my practice as a clinical herbalist. The future is wide open!

Feeling blessed and full of gratitude.
Sumayah Lea

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