A message from the moon, The Gypsy Life

Its been a long road..

70152422_2682834248415219_7195881885250093056_nWell, it’s been a long strange trip these past 8yrs. Traveling and navigating the growth of our business and our souls’ purpose. We’ve flowed in and out, weaving webs of community and family along the way. But, here we are at almost a decade, and still loving every minute of every journey we have been blessed to experience.

It’s been a long awaited moment, but we have updated and upgraded our online presence. Bringing herbal consulting, sacred dance workshops and, of course, our beloved henna. Along with a new line of herbal products in the apothecary.  All in service of intentional healing and gratitude.

Our lives have transformed over the past years, bringing new life into our work and journey.  Now is a time for replanting new seeds and rooting deep into this path.

Our gratitude goes out to all of you that have been with us since the infancy of GypsyMoon’s creation and to those of you that continue to support us as we grow through it all.

We have so much love to give and look forward to offering more to our community as we grow and transform into this new evolutionary path.

Love and gratitude,

GypsyMoon 💚🌱💚


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