The Gypsy Life

Gypsy Jars

Introducing the NEW Gypsy Jars!  The newest addition to the GypsyMoon Bazaar.
Gypsy Jar
I have to admit my struggles with how to package the healing Gypsy Balms we are creating was mind numbing. As a gypsy or just a mindful earthling, it was not in the best intrest to buy bulk jars, just to add to the ever growing and over population of garbage and waste we create as humans. In all of my years of practice and studies, Sustainability has always held a heavy weight in my process. How can we Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-create? How can one persons efforts make a difference? Well, here it is!!  Gypsy Jars, the attempt to not create a large foot print with packaging and still send out beautiful healing magic in all its glory and love.

Being on the road really lends itself to finding and stumbling upon some really unique place, people and things. So My thought is why not utilize the abundance and bring it back to the table as a beautiful and unique form of art.  All the jars are gifted or found at antique shops. These jars have history and have been loved by someone once before which holds a profound energy of healing. This particular jar was found at the Gulfport Bazaar and was at one time use to hold boiled eggs.. or that is the function it was created for. BUT, the romantic story is what ever your hearts desire would like it to be. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to dream about the magic something old and loved can bring to your heart. These jars have stories that will be shared and the ones that don’t will be left to the imagination of fairy tales.

For the Love of all things Gypsy, Embrace it!!


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