The Gypsy Life

Eight Habits of Mindfulness

Wherever you are, just be there. Whoever you’re with, just be with. Whatever you do, just do that!

Go Slow
Slow your life down in order to have time to observe, engage, and appreciate the beauty of each moment, each day.

Beginner’s Mind 
Cultivate a sense of wonder. Try to see things as if you are doing so for the first time, with a sense of fresh curiosity, like a child.

Allow your life to unfold gracefully. Don’t push so hard to make things happen.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance
Simply validate and acknowledge thinks as they are. you can work for change in the future, but for this moment, accept what is.

Do not get caught up in feeling as though you have to constantly be defending your opinions and positions.

Cultivate impartial observation in your experiences. Observe more and label less. Constant judgment creates inner turbulence. Non-judgment creates silence in your mind.

Cultivate love and compassion for yourself and others. Eliminate blame and criticism. Remember that we all seek happiness, peace and forgiveness.


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