Welcome to GypsyMoon

Whats in a NAME?

We have made some BIG changes! If you have come to this web site, you are not lost, We are still here but with a NEW name.

So many meanings & intentions. Words are such an interesting dynamic of our existence, our communications, our perceptions, our voice. But we go on using them in an unconscious manner, for what they mean to one is not always what they mean to another.

Over a decade a go GypsyMoon was born from 2 sisters who found themselves in love with a culture. We had such influence of “gypsy” in our life at that time. We studied traditional folkloric dances of different tribes, which held deep meaning to us on our own personal & spiritual paths. We traveled nomadically offering our dance and art as a service to our communities. We had reverence and respect in the work we did everywhere we went.

Oh, the times they are a’changing. So many words. So many meanings and perceptions. The only thing that is constant is CHANGE! The time is NOW and with great reverence and respect, Its time for GypsyMoon Mehndi/Herbal to change too.

I have spent so many years living nomadically, traveling this country and others. My life has changed so much these past few years of becoming a mother and settling down to grow roots again. I’ve sat with this change for a few years now holding on to some glimmer of my past adventures. Longing for them to present themselves again. To just take off and go where ever the wind blows and the road leads. Though, I know its not the end and the adventures will continue on but for now I am surrendering to a new chapter of the divine mother and child.

Talia Moon Botanica” is who I am NOW. This is who I have come to be in my personal and spiritual growth. These words are at the very root of my existence in this present moment and each word holds a very impactful reason for my being.

Moving forward into this change has been a surrender of growth that the last few years have placed upon me. There will be some overlap with this transition as a new chapter begins in this never ending adventure of life.

Thank you to everyone who has supported GypsyMoon of the the past 10yrs. I look forward to continuing into the next 10 with Talia Moon, bringing more offerings and give back to my community.

Much love and respect,

We are now located a TaliaMoonBotanica.com

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Leslie Beth Robbins

I so appreciate your artistry with henna and all of the fantastic herbal concoctions you are able to create! My sinuses and immune system have never been happier!!! Adore you so!!!

Terraell Hazlett